Sherri fell in love with Flying Trapeze in 2002 when she took classes locally. She traveled the nation to study the sport with a number of world famous trapeze artists, and finds the study a lifetime passion. Sherri founded Embrace Adrenaline Flying Trapeze Club in 2005 ( and started her first summer camp in 2006. She is proud to call Tony Steele (who has trained her since 2008) her coach and friend. Sherri Loves to share her passion for trapeze arts with the young and the young at heart. She especially loves the self empowerment and inspiration that circus arts can bring to young people when taught through positive, thoughtful, safe and methodical methods and practices. Sherri believes that Circus Arts are accessible to all and it is a our "attitude, not aptitude" (Zig Ziglar), that will guide us to soar.

Rhiannon Davis - Aerial Coach

Katrina started her training in aerial arts in 2004 at Xelias Aerial Arts Studio in Mpls. She started her flying trapeze experience in 2005 with Embrace Adrenaline Flying Trapeze at summer camp. Katrina began her coaching in 2012 with Embrace Adrenaline, then went on to coach trapeze and perform with Club Med, Summer Camp Echo and Summer Camp Tanuga. The past 12 years of circus training has guided her on more than 16 different apparatus, to 5 facilities and lead her to coach and share her passion for the air in 3 different countries. She feels “The limitless circus is beyond soul satisfying”. 

Kyra began her circus training in 2002 with Circus Juventas and Xelias Aerial Arts in 2004. She flew for the first time at the age of 5 with Tito Gaona in Florida. Kyra has trained in Flying for the past 8 years and has worked for our Summer Camps as a board coach for the past 3 years. Kyra has trained and performed in 16 circus art modalities for most of her 18 years and enjoys sharing her passion for circus with kids and teens at summer camp.

Kyra Mann - Assistant Board and Circus Arts Coach

Shawn Kalncke - Safety Officer, Head Rigger

Katrina Nord - Coach

Shawn is a veteran Minneapolis Fire Captain with Rescue, EMT, High Rope/ Low Angle Rescue certification and is a member of USAR. She has taught climbing and rope safety for many years   She has managed the rigging and safety of Embrace Adrenaline Flying Trapeze for the past 11 years, with a perfect safety record. We are proud to have her as our head rigger and safety office. Shawn began her love of flying in 2005, she caught for many years and has introduces and trained many fine young catchers to the sport.

Earl McKenzie - Coach, Catcher

Earl's circus experience started when he began making balloon animals for local events at the age of 17. Soon after, he took Chinese theater classes which gave him his first taste of aerial acrobatics. Soon after he joined the Cincinnati Circus Company where he performed juggling, miming, stilt walking, balloon art, living statue, and aerial acrobatics. One of his favorites was doing flying trapeze where he learned to fly, operate safety lines, and catch. He now is co-owner of Lime Tree Circus LLC, a small circus that travels in the hopes of bringing circus to everyday lives. For Earl, circus is a great way to learn, grow, and bring joy to others.

Rhiannon started training and performing circus when she was eight years old, gaining experience at Circus Juventas. Since then she has continued her circus training in aerial acrobatics, hooping, and unicycling. Rhiannon taught and co-ran the aerial fitness classes and circus summer camps at the Cincinnati Circus Company in 2016, and performed with them as well. She now is co-owner of Lime Tree Circus LLC, a small circus that travels in the hopes of bringing circus to everyday lives. She believes the best part about the circus arts is allowing someone to take a step away from their everyday routine and experience something magical. 

Sherri Mann- Head Coach, Program Director