"Your Attitude, Not your Aptitude, Will determine your Altitude."

Wise words from Zig Ziglar. We believe that circus is accessible to all people, no matter your physical capacity.  We celebrate simply hanging upside down by your knees on a low hung static trapeze just as much as catching a double on the Flying Trapeze. The first is considered a pretty simple trick in the world of circus, the latter is a professional trick (aka difficult). From our perspective the trick that is very simple for one can be a monumental accomplishment for another, and we celebrate all of these accomplishments! It is an attitude and desire to try that is stressed and celebrated here, and we are very proud all of our students accomplishments! We strive to gently support each individual to set attainable goals for the day and the week, and do everything we can to help them achieve their highest potential. With this attitude we ensure that your child or teen will love their summer camp experience.

I have three very different kids that love to fly - Sherri and the other coaches and catchers at flying Colors Flying Trapeze school are always encouraging and recognize my children's individuality! My son says, "The environment is all about learning and having fun without pressure." This is such a great opportunity to work on flying trapeze skills on a consistent basis in the open air with such a positive coach!              -Milana Reiche

Our motto

Our story

Flying Trapeze is our passion and we love to share this amazing, and empowering sport with kids of all ages. Newly named, Flying Colors Trapeze and Circus Arts Camp is an off- shoot, and in partnership with, Embrace Adrenaline Flying Trapeze Club, which has been sharing this passion for 11 years through summer camps for kids, summer camps for teens, teen and adult clubs, and private parties and group lessons. You can find more information on becoming a part of the club to experience your own journey through Flying Trapeze at www.mntrapeze.com.

Our Mission

"Our mission is to share the passion and empowerment of Flying Trapeze and Circus Arts with kids of all ages within an encouraging, safe and healthy environment."  Proceeds from camps will go toward our community enhancement programs, to give the empowerment of circus arts to underserved youth and women.

We are mindful of our summer camper kids' feelings. Our number one priority is to keep them safe, but we are also very conscientious about them "feeling safe", and that is not just physically, but emotionally and socially. We want them to be a part of a team, and feel like they are a valued member of that team. And we want every summer camp kid to have the time of their lives.