What will You Experience with Flying Colors trapeze?

The first thing you will experience at Flying Colors Trapeze is a friendly greeting! We are grateful that you have chosen to have your Flying Trapeze experience with us and take your comfort and safety seriously. And we promise you will challenge yourself and have a blast.

First time students are introduced to the equipment and be given a quick overview of safety requirements. Then comes ground school to gain comfort and confidence in the process. Next you will be taught a ‘knee hang’ position to practice on our low hung trapeze bar. Then it’s up the ladder to the Trapeze Rig. You will have an instructor on the Trapeze rig with you to guide you through the process and get the safety lines own, another instructor will hold the safety lines, 'pull them', to keep you safe, and the third instructor will be watching from the ground to help with corrections, and assist you as needed. You will be secure in safety lines at all times, and protected by a net.

Participants will take a swing or two to gain confidence in the air. You will then have an opportunity to try you newly learned 'knee hang', and when this has been accomplished you will be ready to 'catch'.

During the final portion of the class, the "Catcher" gets up into the 'catcher's trapeze' to catch the students as they perform their trick. This is a thrill for most and the highlight of the day.  See our Class Schedule and call us to schedule your Flying Trapeze Experience today!

Campers who are spending multiple days on the trapeze, and returning and more advanced students are taught new tricks, skills and positions following a step by step curriculum and with instructor approval. Check out our Summer Camp Schedule Options to Schedule your amazing Flying Trapeze end Circus Arts Camping experience!